31 Mar


If you like to go big when it comes to home décor, a wall mural might be perfect for you.

Countryside mural by Anne Harris

Countryside mural by Anne Harris

image via

image via

Wall murals in traditional interiors can be absolutely breathtaking. For a really formal touch, a wall mural can’t be beat.




A bathroom is not a typical place you’d find a mural, which is why it’s such a welcome surprise.


The indigo and white tile mural in this dining room isn’t too formal in either style or material, and sets the tone for the room.


A monochromatic mural is far more interesting than a solid wall color would have been in this modern space.


pixers wall murals

pixers wall murals

Soft washes of color on a large scale can work well for many different decorating styles.


shadow mural


A mural of simple organic forms adds whimsy to walls, and is versatile enough to grow with the child.


image via attic mag

image via attic mag

Art murals can make any room a little more special, whether you’re catering to adults or children.

Keith Haring

Keith Haring, 1958-1990

Wall murals affect people in a different way than any other kind of art. We respect the art as much as we respect the person who had the gall to cover an entire wall with it.


Going to Paris for A playdate with Brancusi

24 Mar

I wasn’t sure I would ever make it back to Paris. I am so excited to re-visit some of my favorite places, including the Brancusi Museum, with my family.

Constantin Brancusi studio in Paris

Constantin Brancusi studio in Paris

I feel like Americans are lacking in their appreciation of sculpture. It’s not like France hasn’t tried…

fail blog


Princess X sculpture Constantin Brancusi

Princess X sculpture
Constantine Brancusi

In a lot of ways Brancusi’s aesthetic is more accessible than a giant statue at a national park.


Atelier Brancusi

image via House Beautiful

image via House Beautiful


image via Elle Decor

image via Elle Decor

His minimalist, organic pieces are easier to translate from museum to home.

You can even buy similar furnishings from major retailers.

Sleeping Muse Brancusi

Sleeping Muse


Brancusi was a pioneer, and continues to inspire the work of artists world-wide.

Isamu Noguchi

Isamu Noguchi

Isamu Noguchi

Isamu Noguchi


His influence is unmistakable in the work of his apprentice, Isamu Noguchi.


Clessidra stool by Mario Botta via

Clessidra stool by Mario Botta via


From fabrics to furnishings, it’s easy to add a simple, sculptural element to your interior.

The simplest ideas are the most beautiful, even if they are made up of dollar store plates and glue.


design by Monotremu

Teach your kids to appreciate sculpture at an early age and make it accessible to them in the home. They should be able to tell the Louvre from the Luxor.


Daytripper: Interior musings on the road

15 Mar


While I don’t spend a lot of time in the rental RV while we are on vacation, it still doesn’t stop me from dreaming about interior makeover possibilities.

image via

image via

7616a1d9ce0d07d76f7ecf1ea5536ebdI have seen a ton of great makeovers with older RV’s. Simple, clean, and affordable upgrades can make your temporary retreat more welcoming.

image via

image via

Fresh wallpaper and fun details make all the difference in a small space.

ralph lauren architectural digest

ralph laurel via architectural digest May 2001For a more rustic look, Ralph Lauren did a great Airstream makeover featured in Architetural Digest.

interior by Christopher Deam, image via The New York Times

interior by Christopher Deam, image via The New York Times

If you are lucky enough to purchase a new Airstream, Christopher Deam is designing some slick modern interiors.

image via hofarc on Flickr

image via hofarc on Flickr

image via

image via

I’m not against a brown interior…when it’s done well.

image via

image via

However, a dose of cheerful color would certainly make our 8 hour drive more palatable.


I don’t know if I could handle too modern of an interior in the middle of the woods.


The wildlife might be a little confused.


my un-inspiring view

But that’s the kind of thing I daydream about when i’m on the road in an RV for 8 hours.


Shagreen and bear it: How this timeless texture can fit your décor

24 Feb


Am I late to the party on the Shagreen trend? It doesn’t really matter; this classic material mixes well with any decade.

Whether real or faux, the durability of shagreen makes it a good choice for tables or chairs.

Some shagreen accessories are a bit steep in price, especially if they are vintage.

image via Lonny magazine

image via Lonny magazine

image via Lonny magazine

image via Lonny magazine

If used sparingly and mixed in with other items, shagreen adds interest and texture.

allover shagreen pillow


Shagreen is many things, but comfortable is NOT one of them. Instead of buying a shagreen pillow, use these soft linen pillows for a similar visual effect.

image via Architectural Digest London

image via Architectural Digest London

Shagreen textured wallpaper is available if you prefer to make a bigger statement.


Alexander Lamont stem lamp shade closeup

Alexander Lamont stem lamp shade closeup

I have seen several lamps with Shagreen bases that are nice, but this lamp with its shagreen shade scared them all away with its awesomeness.

Layer in a few contemporary shagreen textured pieces from Wedgewood onto your dinner table.


Accessorize with a shagreen textured box or set of vases to add both color and texture.

Shagreen has certainly made its way into the mainstream, including Martha Stewart’s line of desk accessories for Avery. Mix in some of the Poppin brand products in white or red for contrast.


Shagreen is a great material to use on one or two pieces in a room. Make sure that you choose something with classic lines and style that will stand the test of time as well as the material itself will.


When dressing your room, clothing is optional

11 Feb

sweater before after

This past Christmas I gave my oldest son a pillow made from his favorite, but outgrown, knit sweater.

Clothing as room divider

Clothing as room divider

How many treasured articles of clothing do you have stashed in your closet or attic space that would be perfect to show off in your home?

How to Shart Step 3

image via

Everyone knows you can frame a t-shirt. How about a bespoke lamp shade covered in a favorite tee?

framed kimono blue

framed kimonoOnly Carrie Bradshaw can really pull off wearing a kimono in public. Take that old kimono out of the closet and display it as art.

kimono above bed

dress headboard 2A kimono, or even a vintage dress, can be hung behind a headboard for a layered look. Not everyone can spring for a full-on curtain wall, and this is a fun alternative.

image via

image via

In fact, any item of clothing you spent an arm and a leg on and wore once should be considered “art” and hung on the wall.


If you can see right through your clothing, are your really dressed? Feel free to use your sheers as…sheers.

lulu lemon pants

This tip does NOT apply to defective Lulu Lemon pants. You’ll just have to return those.

image via

image via

An awesome pattern can enjoy a second life as a set of coasters. Unlike glass coasters they will absorb the moisture off the glass and are machine washable.


If you are not an expert, please consult a local tailor before shredding your clothing. I had my pillow cover made at my local dry cleaners for $30 and it was worth every penny.


While you may no longer wear an article of clothing, that doesn’t mean the old timer isn’t frisky enough for a second lease on life.


Mattress on the floor: why it’s better than sleeping in a van down by the river

4 Feb


A mattress on the floor isn’t just for broke college students. Done right, it’s a problem-solving budget friendly option that works well with a variety of design styles.


a13b9651fac09f9456c02da99f36b840An ultra-modern scheme allows you to cut out the noise, clutter, and even the bed frame.

Thierry Mugler’s Paris Apartment “I don’t want real possession. What I need and what I wanted in this apartment was its space - and to keep it as empty as possible

Thierry Mugler said it best with regard to his Paris apartment, “I don’t want real possession. What I need and what I wanted in this apartment was its space – and to keep it as empty as possible.”


Captivating-the-bed-room-with-bed-on-the-floor-ceiling-and-walls-of-wooden-planks-and-along-windows-at-front-and-right-side-all-creamIf you are stuck trying to pick a bed for a room that is floor to ceiling wood, keep it simple and forget the frame altogether.


51e997f7fd15428c5430096648332dcfA mattress on the floor can give your bedroom international appeal.


I would like to stress that this boho-chic bedroom is vastly different from college flop house. The only plant a college kid could keep alive is illegal in most states.


Going without a bed frame does not mean you can’t have a headboard. Lower bedside tables are a necessity in this cozy eclectic mix.


You can also do without doggy stairs if you bring your bed down to their level.


If you have a baby or small children a mattress on the floor is more accessible, and there is less worry about the height should a child roll out of the bed.

montessori bed

Apparently a “floor bed” is a Montessori thing too. It gives your baby the freedom to explore their gated, baby-proofed room in order to develop motor and cognitive skills.



9c9ddff4a1c3bc40c2a248d386cfca2bFrom romantic to rustic, a well-executed room doesn’t need an actual bed frame.


Unless you are desperate to make use of under bed storage, consider whether or not an elevated bed frame is the best use of your space.


Decorating with dragons: Ancient motif meets modern interiors

28 Jan
Making a little dragon magic

Making a little dragon magic

The year of the dragon was technically 2012, but i’m starting to feel like I’m surrounded by dragon print fabrics.

Robert Allen Dwell Studio

Robert Allen “Ming Dragon” in Midnight

Robert Allen, Shade Store

Robert Allen “Ming Dragon” in Persimmon

F Schumacher Chang Mai Dragon

Schumacher “Chiang Mai Dragon” in Aquamarine

Schumacher "Chiang Mai Dragon" in China Blue

Schumacher “Chiang Mai Dragon” in China Blue

Jim Thompson

Jim Thompson “Enter the Dragon”

jim-thompson-dyansty-collection via jim thompson fabrics blog

Is that a coincidence or a consensus?


It’s at least a hat trick.

Whether you love the traditional blue and white, or want a more modern spin, you can bring a pair of beautiful dragon lamps to the table.

Oh, Monica

Oh, Monica

This pink shagreen dragon-covered humidor clearly belongs to a woman who appreciates a good cigar.

Nothing pairs better with dragons than fire. Go for ornate antique candlesticks, or a more subtle Douglas Little creation.

michael c fina

Mottahedeh via michael c finaThese red hot plates by Mottadeh are available at Michael C. Fina.

Preval dragon etched concrete floor

Preval dragon etched concrete floor

An intricate floor etching in concrete leaves a permanent impression on your interior.

A dragon covered area rug makes a bold statement in orange.


And here’s how to incorporate it into a children’s room.

Design by Jerri Kunz

Design by Jerri Kunz

Traditional Chinese dragons represent success, strength, and good fortune. I hope your dragon decor brings plenty of all 3 in the new year.



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